As a matter of fact,my father came along with me to Japan.


Hideo : Dave, I'm curious about the person standing behind you smiling. Is he your acquaintance?

Nathaniel : Hello, Mr. Kimura!

David : Dad, don't just speak all of a sudden like that!

Hideo : Is that gentleman your father, Dave?

Nathaniel : Nice to meet you. I'm Nathaniel Hull. Call me Nat, please.

Hideo : Oh! What a wonderful surprise, Mr. Hull. My name is Hideo Kimura.

David : He decided to come along once he heard I was coming to Japan.

Hideo : Your father must have been worried about you traveling by yourself. Both of you are quite welcome.

Nathaniel : I'm so glad to meet you. My dream of visiting Japan has finally come true.

David : My dad knows a lot about Japanese culture.

Nathaniel : I can speak some Japanese, too. Mr. Kimura, "totemo wakaku miemasu !"

Hideo : Do I? Thank you! Your Japanese is very good. Call me Hideo, please.



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