Making Plans to Go Sightseeing


Akiko: Honey, have you decided on our plans for showing around Tokyo tomorrow?

Hideo: Yes, I have. Why don't we go to Asakusa first and then walk to Ueno?

Akiko : We got an e-mail from Mari in California asking us to take David to Akihabara.

Hideo : Akihabara? Is that a famous sightseeing spot?

Akiko : She wrote, "David is an anime geek, about "Shinseiki Evangelion."


Hideo : What in the world is "Evangelion?"

Akiko : How would I know? But I think we'd better follow Mari's request. You'd better show him round Akihabara.

Hideo : Well, my plan was to take him to the Asakusa Temple tomorrow.

Akiko : David is still a high school student. I don't think he'd be very happy just to see temples.

Hideo : What else can we show him in Akihabara besides the electric goods stores?

Akiko : Take Kenichi along. He should know more about Akihabara than you do.

Hideo : That's a good idea! I'll ask Kenichi to go along.



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