Just call me Hide.


David : What should I call you?

Hideo : My name is Hideo, but you can just call me Hide.

David : Mari told me in San Francisco to call you Hideo.

Hideo : It's hard to pronounce Hideo, so why not call me Hide?

David : That's a nickname, right?

Hideo : Right! What should I call you, David?

David : Everyone calls me Dave.

Hideo : All right! I'll call you Dave then.

David : By the way, Hideo. Oh, no, I said it again! Do you mind me calling you Hideo?

Hideo : No, call me whatever you like.

David : Thanks, Hideo. Well, could you show me around Akihabara now?

Hideo : OK, Dave. My son Kenichi is waiting for us there.



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