The Characters in This Blog


Hideo Kimura (55)

Works for a general trading company, and speaks some English. Likes to watch baseball on TV and is a big fan of the Yomiuri Giants. Resides in Hachioji, a suburb of Tokyo.

Akiko Kimura (54)

Hideo's wife, works part-time at a supermarket during the daytime.Frequently exchanges e-mail with their daughter Mari.

Mari Kimura (21)

Hideo and Akiko's daughter, studying abroad at a college in San Francisco, California. Staying at the Hull's home as a guest.

Kenichi Kimura (18)

The couple's son, a high school senior preparing for college entrance examinations. His favorite subject is English. Likes to play videogames. He has some knowledge of Akihabara.

Nathaniel Hull (45)

A car dealer, now hosting Mari at his home. Knows a lot about Japanese culture. Loves green tea and samurai movies, and speaks some Japanese.

David Hull (18)

Nathaniel's son, a high school student. Loves Japanese anime and hopes to go sightseeing to Akihabara. Studied Japanese hard for this trip.

Kunio Kimura (52)

Hideo's brother, runs an "Izakaya" pub in Koenji, Suginami Ward in western Tokyo. Proud to serve "Yakitori" barbecued chicken using free-range poultry. A big fan of the Hanshin Tigers.

Part-time female employee at a maid café (20's)

Male customer at an Internet café (20's)

Male manager at a figurine shop (40's)

Male employee (30's)

Male employee at a big electronics store (50's)

Female employee (20's)




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