Where is the restroom?


David : (looking outside) Wow! There are so many buildings!

Hideo : We'll soon arrive at Nippori, where we have to change trains. It'll then take us about 10 minutes to get to Akihabara.

David : Akihabara is called "Akiba," right?

Hideo That's right. All the young people use that name.

Nathaniel Hideo, do I have enough time to use the restroom?

Hideo : Yes, sure.

Nathaniel : I guess I drank too much green tea. Is there a restroom on the train?

Hideo : There's one in car #4.

David : Dad, we'll soon arrive at the station.

Nathaniel : I'd better hurry then!

Hideo : Don't worry, take your time.

(Nathaniel goes to the restroom.)

Hideo : How much green tea did he drink, Dave?

David : About three plastic bottles.

Hideo : I know he loves it, but that's way too much!



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