Let's take the limited express into Tokyo.


Hideo : We'll get tired standing here, so why don't we sit down and talk in the waiting room?

Nathaniel : Instead of resting here, why don't we head for Tokyo right away?

Hideo : Let's do that, then. We can talk more leisurely later.

Nathaniel : We're not going to walk to Tokyo, are we?

Hideo : You must be kidding! We're going to take the limited express train "Skyliner" that will take us to downtown Tokyo in about one hour.


David : I thought we were going to take the limousine bus.

Hideo : We can get there by the bus, too, but the train is much faster.

David : I love taking trains. It's going to be fun.

Nathaniel : Where is the platform for the Skyliner?

Hideo : To be quite honest, I'm not familiar with this place myself.

Nathaniel : In such a huge air terminal as this, anybody can get lost.

Hideo : It's been almost 20 years since I last came to Narita Airport.

Nathaniel : There's a sign that reads "Skyliner" over there.

Hideo : Are you showing me the way? You make me lose face!

Nathaniel : My eyesight is rather good, actually.


Keisei Line Skyliner A limited express train (airport express) that runs between Narita International Airport and Tokyo. It takes 51 minutes from Nippon Station, and 56 minutes from Keisei Ueno Station to get to Narita Airport. Trains depart every 40 minutes. The fare is \1,920 (one-way) between Narita Airport and Keisei Ueno or Nippon.



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