What kind of food is this?


Hideo : This is a "makunouchi bento." I bought the extra‑special version for you.

Nathaniel : That's very nice of you. It looks delicious. There are many kinds of food in it.

Hideo : That's the nice thing about it.

Nathaniel : What's this gray jelly?

Hideo : It's "konnyaku." A food made from powdered konnyaku tuber.

Nathaniel : It's a bit harder than jelly. What about this fried stuff?

Hideo : That's what we call "ebifurai," or deep-fried prawn. Fried food is called "agemono" in Japanese.


David : What about this red bean?

Hideo : It's an "umeboshi," or a plum pickled in salted‑water. It's a very popular preserved food in Japan.


David : It's so sour.

Hideo : I didn't like sour stuff like this when I was growing up.

Nathaniel : The sourness slows down the rice from getting bad.

Hideo : You're pretty smart!


Konnyaku Often prepared and cooked in Japanese-style casseroles and stews such as "oden", "nimono", and "tonjiru". It's also served skewered with soybean paste on top. Stringed konnyaku is called "itokonnyaku," and "shirataki" is cooked in sukiyaki.



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