Change at Nippori Station to get to Akihabara.


Hideo : Here is the ticket gate of the Keisei Line.

Nathaniel : Oh, the airport train station are located in the same building.

Hideo : That makes it very convenient.

David : How long does it take to get to Akihabara?

Hideo : The whole trip takes about an hour and a half, after changing at Nippon Station to the JR Yamanote Line.

David : We'll be able to enjoy a little train ride, then.

Hideo : You each need two tickets. One is the regular ticket and the other one is for the limited express.

Nathaniel : Hideo, would you keep them for me, please? I might lose them.

Hideo : Here is the "Skyliner."

David : Is this a Shinkansen?

Hideo : No, it isn't, but it's a fast train.

David : It looks cool!

Hideo : The train is about to go. Let's get on.

Nathaniel : It's so clean and comfortable!

Hideo : Trains in Japan are very strict with their departure time.



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