I want to have a "bento" for lunch.


Nathaniel : Look at that peaceful scenery!

Hideo : We're still in Chiba prefecture, not in Tokyo yet. Further along, you will see more buildings from the window.

Nathaniel : Aren't you all starving? Let's have lunch while we can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Hideo : It's a bit early yet, but let's have lunch. What would you like to eat?

Nathaniel : Since I've come all the way to Japan, I'll have a "bento".

Hideo : Did you say "bento" just now?

Nathaniel : It's a boxed lunch that contains rice and fish.

Hideo : Oh! you mean "bento." There are several varieties of "bento." Let's buy some "makunouchi bentos."

Nathaniel : What's a "makunouchi bento" like?


Hideo : It's a kind of "bento" eaten by the audience between the acts of a Kabuki play.

Nathaniel : Really, I know "Kabuki!" I saw it once in New York a long time ago.


Makunouchi bento The most popular type of bento sold at railroad stations and by vendors on the train. It has been popular for a long while, and is one of the pleasures people look forward to on a trip. Nowadays, they are also sold at convenience stores in populated areas.



 - Akihabara guide