Is this "sencha" or"genmaicha ?"


Hideo : "Makunouchi bento" goes very well with Japanesegreen tea.

Nathaniel : I like green tea a lot.

David : My dad drinks green tea at home.

Nathaniel : My Japanese neighbor often gives us green tealeaves.

Hideo : Green tea is good for your health, so why don't youhave some more?

Nathaniel : Is this tea "sencha?"


Hideo : No, it's "genmaicha."

Nathaniel : What kind of tea is that?

Hideo : It's a blend of green tea leaves and roasted brown rice.

Nathaniel : It has a rich flavor that tastes good.

Hideo : "Genmaicha" is also good for your health.

Nathaniel : I'll take some home for my wife.

David : Green tea is too bitter for me. Can I have a soft drink instead?

Hideo : No problem. You can buy it from a vendor on the train.

Nathaniel : Perhaps green tea is enjoyed more by older people like me.

Hideo : Japanese start drinking green tea when they are very young.


"Sencha" and "genmaicha" "Sencha" is green tea, and "genmaicha" is a blend of green tea leaves and roasted brown rice. There are many high-quality type of "sencha" that are more expensive, including "gyokuro." However,"genmaicha" is more widely enjoyed by ordinary people.



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