Nice to meet you.I'm Mari's father, Hideo.


David : Excuse me, are you Mari's father?

Hideo : Yes, I am. Are you David?

David : Yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Kimura.

Hideo : Nice to meet you, too.

David : Thank you for coming to meet me.

Hideo : It's my pleasure. You must be very tired after the long flight. Would you like to take a break at a coffeshop?

David : I'm fine. Please don't worry.

Hideo : How long was the flight from San Francisco?

David : It took about 11 hours.

Hideo : Such a long flight!

David : It didn't feel so long.

Hideo : Didn't you get bored on the plane?

David : No, I didn't, because I watched Japanese movies during the flight. They were interesting and never bored me.


Narita International Airport One of the leading international hub airports in Japan, inaugurated on May 20, 1978. It is the second biggest airport in Japan in terms of both the number of departure and arrival flights and passengers (approximately 35.06 million passengers in 2006), coming behind Tokyo International Airport at Haneda.



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